Project O2 Arena moves to O2 Indigo

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After announcing his dream to sell out the famous O2 Arena in London, Famous has announced the unavailability of the venue for the next four years. However, Famous has switched from the 20,000 capacity (O2 Arena) to O2 Indigo which has a capacity of 5,000.

Despite being faced with this setback, Famous is not giving up on his O2 Arena dream. He is determined to prove his critics and naysayers wrong.

“It’s a must, the show will happen, whether I have Sierra Leoneans at my back or not, the show must go on, and I will be live in London next summer. The O2 arena is booked for the next four years, so I’m switching venues to the O2 Indingo,” Famous.

Since Famous announced his O2 Arena, he has faced criticisms from fans and some of his fellow entertainers. Popular musician Innocent Kuti described the dream as “premature dream”.

Many are still wondering how Famous will pull up such an incredible feat. Considering the fact that he has no single hit song outside Sierra Leone. However, Famous remains unfazed and he is determined to make history.

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